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The Implementation of EU's Toy Safety Directive

New brochure prepared by DG Enterprise & Industry


The Danish Environmental Protection Agency Focuses on Small Children and Chemicals


The Value of Play

Play and toys make an important contribution to child development, and playing is a basic need for children just like eating, drinking and sleeping.

Play is in many regards to be seen as a child’s work and toys are children’s tools in their work.


Toy Safety

It is a principle goal for NordicToys to ensure toys that are safe for our children.

Toys are among the safest and most highly regulated consumer products on the market.


Toy Manufacturing in the Global Context

NordicToys supports the ICTI Care Process - the ethical manufacturing programme aimed at ensuring safe and humane workplace environments for toy factory workers worldwide.


Advertising to Children

Marketing communications provide essential consumer information and are essential to make children and parents aware of the availability and benefits of specific toys. However, we completely recognize that advertising to children requires strong safeguards to avoid wrongful marketing practices.


The Nordic Association of Toy Manufacturers - NordicToys - has as an absolute top priority to be able to provide our children with safe toys that have a high play value.

We promote a toy industry committed to play an active role in achieving high standards.

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